Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag

Anyone who has been watching Gucci closely will have noted that they have come up with a number of handbag models in the recent past. These are new bags, which are giving the Gucci classics like the ever popular Gucci Large Guccissima, Gucci Large Horse-bit and the Gucci Jockey Large Shoulder bag ‘a serious run for their money.’ Of the new Gucci bags that I have gotten the opportunity to use, though, it is the Gucci Babouska Large Boston bag that I have found most enchanting.

When Gucci tags the new Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag as ‘large’ they are not flattering it. At 15 inches in length by 7.9 inches in width by 12.6 inches in height, the Gucci Babouska Large Boston bag is truly a voluptuous bag in every sense of the word. As such, it is a bag that is likely to appeal both to the pragmatic handbag shopper, who wants a bag that can take in all her kit and still not bulge, as well as the handbag fashionista – seeing that the trend in handbag shopping circles has in the recent past been in great favor of the bigger bags.

For that elegant look when carrying the bag around town, Gucci has decided to employ a ‘double-handle’ mechanism as way of carrying this bag around; a great departure from most other Gucci bags that tend to be endowed with only a single handle carrying mechanism. For security of the handbags contents, Gucci employs a zip-top closure mechanism for the Gucci Babouska large Boston bag, which admittedly makes for a securer closure mechanism than say a button or tab closure mechanism. Talking of the zip, it is notable that the Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag employs hardware made of the so called antique brass, which makes for a fantastic look, and which – perhaps more importantly – is able to keep its luster for as long as the bag can possibly be in use.


The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag Review

The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag is one of Gucci’s top ‘canvas’ bags. Other ‘canvas’ handbags from Gucci include the likes of the Medium Tote (161836) Black Gucci Bag, the Beige Plus Brown and Beige Plus Red Gucci Canvas Bags, the Trophy Medium (189825) Gucci Boston Bag, the Gucci 131233 (Classic) Bag and the ultra-stylish Gucci (161836) Bag – among others. Many of these are products that I have gotten to use before; for I have a huge weakness for Gucci bags. But of all the Gucci handbags that I have had the chance to make use of, it is the The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag that I have been most thoroughly enchanted with.

The first feeling one gets on laying their eyes on the The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag is that it is a rather ‘quiet and serene’ bag. This all has to do with the colors employed on it – which are rather ‘cool’ colors. The checked pattern on most of the bag’s main body does somewhat ‘liven’ it up a bit, but it would seem that Gucci really set out to make a ‘quiet’ bag in this one. That is just as well, for there are those of us who don’t like those ‘loud, almost shouting’ bags; who prefer the handbag as a tool for carrying our ladies’ essentials rather than a tool for attracting attention. This is not to say that you can’t attract attention with the The Gucci Scarf Tote handbag; but rather that you would be doing so in a nice ‘modest’ way.

The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag is more of a circular bag, so that in terms of size, it is best described in two dimensions, height and diameter, these being 34 centimeters and 30 centimeters respectively. If you are more comfortable with inches, the dimensions of Gucci Scarf (155563 Cruise Collection) Tote handbag would work out to about 13 inches by 11 inches; making it what can be described as medium sized bag. In other words, this is a bag that one of the ladies who belong to the ‘school of thought’ that fancies huge handbags won’t be ashamed to be seen hugging along. At the same time, it is not a bag that a lady who believes that a bag has to be small to be cute will hate to carry along. It is a handbag for all tastes, size-wise. And practically speaking, it is a bag with enough space to carry most of the standard wares a lady would want to carry along; though definitely not much good for shopping along.


Gucci New Pelham Large Shoulder Bag

If you want to have a complete knowledge about Gucci history and its fashion products, then you should not neglect equestrianism, which plays a rather significant in Gucci bags and accessories as well. You might be familiar with its horse-bit and the stud detail, and here I am going to introduce you another Gucci handbag highlighting Pelham-the Gucci New Pelham Large Shoulder Bag.

This Gucci Bag is released as an important part of the Cruise 2010 Collection and it ranks into our top 10 collection as well. The bag exists in two styles, one made from beige and ebony GG fabric with light brown leather trim, and the other crafted from straw with yellow leather trim. I will focus on the natural straw one, because it is true to the equestrianism motif.


Gucci Classic Bag Review

The Gucci Classic Bag is one of the numerous products in the Gucci Canvas bags stable. Other members of this stable include the likes of the ‘black and coffee’ Gucci Bag, the Gucci Message Diapers bag, the Beige Plus Brown Gucci Leather Bag, the Large Boston Bronze Gucci Bag and the Medium Tote (161836) Black Gucci Bag; among others. Some of these are bags that I have previously had the opportunity to use. But of them all, it is Gucci Classic Bag that I have gotten most enchanted with.

Like most high-end Gucci Bags, the most notable thing about Gucci Classic Bag is its elegance; which it oozes of whatever angle you look at it from. Looking at it keenly, it emerges that cream is probably the background color on it, with grayish patterns emblazoned all over its body, in a diagonal setting. It does look a ‘classic’ bag in every sense. There is a hint of red on the bag’s handle, as well as black.

Gucci Classic Bag is quite a large bag. Here, we are looking at a whopping 43 centimeters in height, some 41 centimeters in width, and some 10 centimeters in depth, clearly more space than most handbag user’s can ever find usage for. With dimensions like these, this is a bag you can carry to the office in the morning (as a handbag), and convert into a (light) shopping handbag after office hours. Indeed, even for short distance travelling, Gucci Classic Bag could also be a great bag.


Best Place to Buy Gucci Bags

I love GUCCI. I’m in college and wish I could have all the collections. There’s lot’s of styles, colors etc… I got a real one for Christmas last year, it was my big gift. I love it so much, it’s like a caramel colored bowling style handbag.

My best friend loved my bag so much. She wouldn’t stop wearing it and I was starting to get annoyed. So I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get her one for her birthday. I knew I couldn’t afford a real one, but there’s no way I’d buy her a fake thing. Especially her, I know she’d be rummaging looking for flaws wanting to truly find out if it was fake (I’d probably do the same thing too!). So I had to make sure the bag was the same, I’d normally be hesitant buying online, and all those New York streets are filled with the most terrible replica purses I’ve ever seen.