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How to Rock a Vintage Tee

Ahhh, there is something so satisfying about walking into a thrift store, or the local Goodwill/Salvation Army, and seeing rows and rows of old clothes, begging to be worn again. Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe came from antique shops downtown, consignment stores, or even elder ladies’ garage sales.

Long skirts, frilly tops with ruffles, block heels your grandma wore — you name it! Vintage stores have all these goodies and more. But, some of the coolest finds you’ll see are vintage tees.

Do you listen to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, or Tupac? There are super cool tees out there for you. Or, maybe, you have favorite books or movies and you wanna show the world how much you love them (Harry Potter, anyone?). A little searching and you can find just the ones you’re looking for! They just need a lil’ love.

Now even though Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s vintage tee line didn’t work out (um, for good reason), we can still latch on to this awesome trend. Check out my favorite vintage tees below.

Note: Though these tees are from popular clothing websites, I’d encourage you to go out and rummage through thrift shops in your town and see what you find! You’d be surprised as to how many rockin’ pieces are out there.

Vintage Tee Find 1: Sporty Singer

For a casual, everyday look, sport this Aaliyah tee with Adidas joggers (comfy and cute!). To give this look a little something extra, pull on a black, long sleeve mesh top underneath your tee.

Throw on some super cute sneakers — I love these ones from Betsey Johnson. Finish off this look with simple hoop earrings and a silvernecklace, and pull your locks into a high ponytail, complete with a 80’s inspired velvet scrunchie! Aaliyah would be proud.

Vintage Tee Find 2: Reader Chic

The Little Prince is one of my personal fave books so I am beyond pumped that I found a tee for it! Pair this adorable shirt with striped shorts (or culottes if you’re bold!) and a cute bow-tie belt to really stand out.

To add even more color to your ensemble, add a pastel yellow cardigan for a soft, bookworm-chic vibe, along with some classy grey heeled oxfords.

To finish this look off, throw on your glasses if you need ’em and pile your hair into a messy bun. Get ready to turn some heads in the library!

Vintage Tee Find 3: Edgy Rocker

As you jam out to “Jump”, throw on a trusty Van Halen tee with some black distressed denim shorts. Take on the town with corresponding black high-top Converse sneakers.

To continue with the edgy rocker attitude, add some spike earrings and a sleek watch to accessorize. Finally, pop on some red lipstick, put your hair in braids, and sing your heart out!

Fashion For Fun in the Sun

I’m here to be the bearer of bad news: Your carefree beach days are limited.

Summer, after all, will soon come to a close (sob!), so now is the perfect time to grab your friends and head out to the beach or the nearest pool, if you’re not close to a shore.

While you’re at it, don’t neglect your personal style. We’ve put together some looks for you that are comfortable and can take you from the beach to a date or a family function with no problem.

Beach Day Outfit Idea: Eclectic Girl

Products: Bathing Suit – Groupon, Jean Jacket – Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses – Amazon, Sandals – Hollister

A little bit boho, a little bit trendy, a whole lot stylish, this look is meant for the stylish girl at the beach. (You could slip shorts over the bikini bottoms to make it appropriate for dinner after the beach). With the long jean jacket, this look is also perfect for a get-together with friends on a warm night, around a bonfire, after a day of swimming.

Beach Day Outfit Idea: Preppy & Classic

Products: Shirt – Aeropostale, Shorts – H&M, Bathing Suit – Unique Vintage, Sandals – Hollister

Maybe it’s just me, but this one-piece bathing suit gives me some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes. It’s one of those swimsuits that you could almost wear as a traditional bodysuit (after you dried off, of course).

This preppy and classic outfit has that double duty in mind, and with the shorts and shirt, it’s perfect for a date. Just throw the shorts on over the bathing suit, leave the shirt unbuttoned (because seriously, that suit is cute), and slip on your sandals. Ta-Da! You’re ready to make an impression, whether you’re coming or going.

Beach Day Outfit Idea: Romantic & Trendy

Products: Bathing Suit – Nordstrom Rack, Two-Piece Set – Zaful, Tote – Nordstrom, Sandals – Aeropostale

Surprise! That cute floral two-piece outfit is actually a cover up! With how simple and proper it looks, this is the perfect outfit for when you want to hang out with friends but have a family obligation afterward.

Yes, the bathing suit’s push-up silhouette may be a bit too daring for polite company like your grandma, so save that for splashing around the pool with your besties. When it’s time to go, slip on your sandals, stash your towel in your bag and throw on your cover-up. You’ll be ready for a family reunion or dinner with the grandparents in no time!

Some Fashion Rules You Should Break

Everyone has heard at least one old fashion rule. Have you ever been told not to wear white after labor day, or that your jewelry metals must match?

If you’re like me, you grew up hearing these from your mom or grandma whenever you wore something they didn’t like. You thought your outfit was fine, but one of the rules probably made you rethink it. Many of you may still believe one or two of them, because you’ve heard them so many times.

Believe it or not, most of those fashion rules are completely outdated and false!

As someone who loves fashion but doesn’t believe in old-fashioned rules, I say it’s time to put some of these style myths to rest once and for all. It’s the 21st century, and grandma’s fashion rules just don’t apply anymore.

Here’s the CF list of fashion rules you’re allowed (and encouraged) to break:

1. Never wear white after labor day.

This fashion rule is probably the most pervasive of them all. Everyone’s heard it, and surprisingly, lots of people still believe it’s true.

Newsflash: you can absolutely wear white after labor day! White clothing, coats, bags, and even shoes are 100% allowed during the winter months, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Unless you have an extremely conservative workplace, you should embrace the idea of wearing a “winter white.” It’s a fresh, fun break from the dark shades we usually wear in winter.

InStyle magazine did a great feature on fashion rules the stars love to break. In it, Rachel Bilson sounded off on the white after labor day rule, saying “Forget the old rules. I love white all year round. It’s cooler to wear it when you aren’t supposed to.”

For another star example, check out the picture of Victoria Beckham above. She’s a world-renowned fashionista who’s known for her impeccable style! She doesn’t follow the white after labor day rule and neither should you.

2. Shoes and bags must always match.

Ugh, this rule is sooo 1950s. I’m honestly wondering if anyone out there still believes this one.

In case you did think this myth was true, let me reassure you.. it’s not! You don’t have to match your shoes to your bag – that’s so boring. You shoes and bag need to go with your outfit, but there’s no reason they need to match each other. So long as they work with your outfit, they can be any colors you want.

Let’s be realistic – can you imagine what a pain it would be to match all of your bags to all of your shoes? You’d probably have only one or two combos you could make, and even then, it probably wouldn’t all match perfectly. There are so many shades of each color!

Really, it’s all way too much of a hassle. Forget about matching and start thinking about what goes together and what goes with your outfit.

3. Never wear black with brown or navy.

This rule is one of the most pervasive old fashion rules out there, and it’s just not true at all!

Here’s the deal: black, brown, and navy are all neutrals. This means that you can wear them with pretty much anything, including each other!

I love the look of a navy blue dress with black shoes, or a black dress with light brown or nude shoes. Anything goes with these colors, and you should feel free to mix ’em however you want.

Recently, Rihanna made a public statement about this rule:

“The idea of not wearing brown and black together seems so dated. The other day I wore a black T-shirt, black Nobody jeans, a brown leopard-print belt by Dolce & Gabbana, and brown Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and it looked awesome. And I also love to mix prints.”

For another example of a celebrity breaking this rule, see the photo of Rachel Bilson above, mixing navy, black, AND brown. Her outfit looks adorable and fashion-forward, proving that this rule is really just a dumb myth.

4. Never wear red if you’re a redhead.

This one might have some basis in reality, but it only applies to a few people in certain situations.

It’s true that some redheads don’t look their best in some shades of red, but it’s completely false that they can’t wear red at all. If you have red hair, you need to be extra careful to choose reds that work with your natural coloring. The wrong shade can look too intense, and can clash with your skin. It’s as simple as that. (By the way, this same thing could be said for EVERY hair color!)

At the end of the day, if you know the best colors for you, you can avoid shades of red that don’t work, and wear the ones that do. The idea that you can’t wear red at all is completely FALSE!

5. You can’t wear suede or leather in summer.

Another false one. Really, who comes up with this stuff?

I don’t know about you, but I would be LOST without my leather bag in the summer. Most of the world’s best shoes and purses are made out of leather, so it really makes no sense that we wouldn’t be able to wear them year round. Also, leather jackets are such a hot trend. It would be a shame to have to put them in the closet for 3 months!

If you’re really worried about this one, just pick lighter weight fabrics and go with lighter colors of suede & leather for the summer months. Then switch back to your regular stuff for winter.

But really… the next time someone tries to convince you this rule is true, just laugh and ask if you can borrow their most expensive designer bag for summer, since they won’t be using it. Then see what they have to say..

6. Never mix metals in your wardrobe.

This rule basically says that you should never wear gold and silver jewelry together, or god forbid, wear something that has both gold and silver on it! How boring.

Nowadays, it’s safe to forget all about it. With all the cute jewelry and metallic accessories out there, it would be a shame to only wear them with some pieces. Metallics are the new neutrals, and you can wear them with whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to layer gold, silver and bronze bangles together, or wear silver flats when you have gold earrings on. It’s totally up to you and not wrong at all!

Of course, some people have a preference for one type of jewelry over the other. For example, gold doesn’t look good on my cool-toned pale skin, so I only wear silver and white gold jewelry. It’s okay to have a preference, but don’t ever think that you can’t wear what you want because it’s not “allowed”.

7. Never wear tights with open-toed shoes.

Now that tights and peep-toe shoes are both in style, women everywhere are happily ignoring this rule.

That’s right, you can totally wear tights with open-toe shoes. Just tuck the seam of the tights under your toes, and make sure it doesn’t show. It’s a great way to get more mileage out of your wardrobe, because you can wear your peep-toe heels in winter!