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Wearing All Black

When people think of wearing all-black, they probably first think of the goth aesthetic.

Wearing all-black, by this thinking, probably means you only listen to screamo-death metal, have black hair, and may or may not be obsessed with vampires and other gothic myths.

I’m here to debunk that assumption.

While it’s more acceptable today to wear all-black than it was a couple of decades ago, there’s still an expectation that black will be worn sparingly, for formal events or the rare funeral.

About a year ago, I realized that I feel most comfortable, the most myself, when I wear black, grey, and other dark colors. Looking at my closet, there’s maybe two items that are brighter, purchased mostly because I felt (and was told) that I needed more color in my wardrobe.

For some reason, it felt like it was wrong to wear black-on-black or black-on-grey five or six days out of the week.

I’ve since changed my stance.

While I do have a lot of (dark) red in my wardrobe, too, it’s not unusual for me to wear just black or grey. And I love it.

There are good, practical reasons for having lots of black in your wardrobe, and I will detail two of them below.

First, though, I must emphasize that the most important reason for having a lot of black in your wardrobe is that you want to wear a lot of black. Because colors are good too! They’re just not for everyone.

. Black goes with everything.

This should go without saying, but everything goes with black.

You’ve probably heard that blue and brown don’t go with black, but that rule is A. outdated (see our article on it here) and B. specific to only certain shades of these colors. (If you need help mastering these color combos, check out this article.)

The best part of wearing black all the time is that I can accessorize however I want. This provides a lot of opportunity to dress an outfit up or down depending on my needs. The same outfit could be casual, semi-professional, or semi-formal depending on what I’m wearing it for.

While this could also be said about outfits with more color, black provides for a versatility that other shades just can’t offer.


2. Black serves functional purposes.

A few weeks ago I was a cameraperson for a small-crew documentary film, and for one of the shoots, the director told me to wear black if I had it.

I had to laugh. Oh, I have black, I thought to myself. Another reason to love my favorite shade.

The other benefit of black is formal wear (see outfit example above). Black is good for job interviews, gallery openings, first dates…pretty much anything.

While the outfit on the left (above) is perfect for a school day, a casual coffee date, or a chill weekend, the outfit on the right could be worn for something higher-end — and it’s the accessories that make the difference.

With black, your clothes become multipurpose. The same two pieces could be styled in three or four different ways, and suddenly it’s like you have four outfits, from just a top and a pair of pants.

While this same flexibility could be had from other t-shirt/pants combos, black has the added element of being understood as automatically classy, and also automatically sexy.

When you wear black, it’s like you get extra cool-points, without trying harder.

Another benefit of black? It’s almost never see-through, so for those of us who prefer to dress modestly, black is dependable. (Besides, see-through shirts are a fashion-don’t.)

3. Black can express your personality.

Honestly, my biggest reason for wearing black isn’t just practical or for accessorizing. It’s that I legitimately feel most comfortable — and most confident — when I wear dark colors. I feel like the best version of myself when I’m in my all-black looks.

I couldn’t say why, exactly, but even if there was no other reason for it, my closet would look the way it does now. Black is just “me.”

So whether you share my affinity for black, or you just want to shake up your wardrobe, I encourage you to include more black. Together, we can change all-black from being a goth thing to being a normal person thing.

Old Costumes for Outfits

The themes for my school’s spirit week came out a few days ago and ever since, I’ve been searching my whole house for the perfect costume pieces! I’ve found so many great items for my themed looks, but I also discovered some cute pieces from Halloween costumes I had forgotten about, which could be incorporated into my real wardrobe.

Finding these long forgotten pieces from Halloween and theme parties made me want to create new outfits to show them off! So, this week’s style challenge involves a little hunting (and maybe some cleaning) in the basement or attic – we’re repurposing old costumes.

Check out the outfit sets below to get some inspiration for your own repurposed costume looks.



This look was inspired by a Flower Child headband. It’s so cute and you can hardly tell it goes with a costume. This would be a great look for a fun party this summer.

I paired the hippie headband with a blue crop top and a light kimono cardigan. On the bottom, we have gray shorts and trendy Converse. For the last accessory, I added a green beaded necklace.



Superhero tees are probably the easiest costume piece to repurpose! For this look, I used a Harley Quinn shirt (see another way to repurpose it in this article) since that was one of the most popular Halloween costumes last year.

I paired the “Daddy’s Little Monster” tee shirt with a denim skirt, brown sandals, and a gray beaded choker for a slightly ’90s vibe.



This Cat in the Hat bow tie is absolutely adorable! Instead of a whimsical Dr. Seuss outfit, I decided to go the other direction and create a sophisticated, put-together outfit.

This black and white shirtdress is to die for, and really makes the bow tie pop! For accessories, I added a black handbag and matching black flats.



This cowgirl vest looks perfect when worn for a music festival or as part of any boho outfit!

For this look, I paired the vest with an embroidered pink top, jeans, and brown leather booties. I love the feel of this outfit – it’s western without looking like another cowgirl costume.



These Roman Gladiator sandals are so pretty and glam, and I love the idea of gold shoes.

For this look for a fun night out, I paired the gold sandals with a fun and trendy black romper. For accessories, I added a gray clutch with gold accents and some dangly disc earrings.



This Flapper clutch is so over the top – sequins, tassels, and feathers- and it’s so fun! You definitely don’t need to reserve it only for 1920s parties.

I found this great Little Black Dress to go with the Gatsby clutch and paired the look with some chunky neutral heels. That way, the bag can really be the focus of this look!



I’m actually really sad poodle skirts aren’t still in style, but if you’ve ever dressed up as a ‘50s girl, you can totally rock that skirt as part of an outfit.

For this look, I paired this polka dot poodle skirt with a gray low-back tee. I layered a blue statement necklace on top to match the blue heels.

Wear a Denim Skirt

Back in the mid-2000s, denim skirts — especially those of the mini variety — were all the rage.

Back in those days, everyone, from celebrities to yours truly, was wearing them with leggings, plus some sick ballet flats (bonus points if your denim skirt featured a let-out hem or rhinestone-embellished back pockets!).

For a while after that, the denim skirt trend cooled down, but lately, retailers have been bringing them back in all sorts of lengths, colors, styles, and price points. And we’re kind of happy about it.

If worn correctly, the denim skirt oozes It-girl coolness (see the example below); however, if worn incorrectly, it can look frumpy, or worse, like you’re trying too hard.

So, with that in mind, here are a few tips for wearing a denim skirt in a modern way:

  • Think about the length: To avoid reliving your middle school days (and potentially having a wardrobe malfunction!), avoid micro-minis; instead, opt for a skirt that hits mid-thigh or lower.
  • Consider the silhouette: If you opt for a shorter skirt (i.e. one that hits from mid-thigh to a few inches above the knee), then it’s okay to go for a looser/fuller silhouette. If your skirt hits at the knee or lower, opt for a straight or pencil silhouette, as anything looser can look dated and dowdy. Of course, there are exceptions (like this one or this one), but if you’re not ready to take a fashion risk, stick with what’s safe.
  • Ditch the leggings-and-flats look: As I mentioned before, the denim skirt + leggings + flats combo was all the rage ten years ago. While it’s possible to pull off this look today, if you’re looking for a more current feel, opt for bare legs.

Now that we’ve covered some general guidelines for wearing denim skirts, keep scrolling for four looks that show how to wear denim skirts today:

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas: #1


A white denim skirt is a welcome change from the blue washes we’re used to seeing, and is also a great way to provide contrast when wearing other blue or colored denim pieces.

Add a red circular bag and pale pink loafers for some pops of color, and finish off the look with some feminine jewelry, like these preppy knot studs, fun pearl cuff, and sweet key necklace.

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas: #2


For a trendy look that’s on-point for this season, pair a pretty off-the-shoulder peplum sweatshirt with a cute button-front denim mini with a frayed hem.

To make the look your own, accessorize with a pair of unique cat-eye sunglasses, a classic hobo bag, and a fashion-forward bandana. (Wear the bandana either tied around your neck or around the bag’s strap.)

Dainty gold star earrings add subtle shine, while embroidered sneakers finish the ensemble in comfort and style.

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas: #3

For a laid-back and summery look, why not try a denim wrap skirt? The simplicity of this one makes it easy to pair with a variety of different tops, but I especially love it with this cute faded red t-shirt.

Peacock-blue sunglasses and mismatched platform espadrilles add some quirkiness to the look, while a turquoise druzy necklace and colorful set of beaded bracelets up the fun factor.

There are just a few more extras to add: Some moonstone stud earrings lend a feminine touch to the look, while this pale blue tote is the perfect way to add even more color to the outfit.

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas: #4

I decided to try something a little different for this last look: I paired an asymmetrical-hem denim pencil skirt with a cropped tropical-print top for an outfit that is as fashion-forward as it is unique.

For a trendy yet retro vibe, I added white heeled sandals, a woven box bag, and some aviator-style sunglasses.

Lastly, I thought that quirky jewelry, like purple fringe earrings, a bolo necklace, and a bold cuff bracelet would be the perfect way to complete the look