I love GUCCI. I’m in college and wish I could have all the collections. There’s lot’s of styles, colors etc… I got a real one for Christmas last year, it was my big gift. I love it so much, it’s like a caramel colored bowling style handbag.

My best friend loved my bag so much. She wouldn’t stop wearing it and I was starting to get annoyed. So I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get her one for her birthday. I knew I couldn’t afford a real one, but there’s no way I’d buy her a fake thing. Especially her, I know she’d be rummaging looking for flaws wanting to truly find out if it was fake (I’d probably do the same thing too!). So I had to make sure the bag was the same, I’d normally be hesitant buying online, and all those New York streets are filled with the most terrible replica purses I’ve ever seen.

This¬†girl in my class told me about a really amazing website. She bought bags there before and she swore they were the original. The site specified that they were grade triple A+ mirror image replicas…so I gave it a hesitant try. I received my bag a week later…it came with all the authenticity cards, the authenticity stamp and the manufactures booklet. Every¬† stitch was perfect. Whatever bag you want, try this site….the bags are the next best thing to the originals. The same types of leathers and materials are used too.